Donations to the AAUW CA SPF are welcome!

SPF Instructions for Gifts and Donations

Donor Designation Notification Form

If you wish to donate to a specific AAUW CA Tech Trek Camp by check, please mail the above form to the specific Tech Trek Camp Treasurer.  For more information contact the AAUW CA Tech Trek Financial Liaison .

If you wish to donate to a specific AAUW CA Branch Project or Scholarship, please contact the specific branch


AAUW members and others who are planning to make a RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from their non-Roth IRA to SPF as a 501(c)3 entity should plan on having their distribution checks mailed to AAUW CA SPF no later than December 1, 2019.  The IRS requires that RMD checks be cashed within the fiscal year they are issued.  Receipt by SPF of these checks by the first week of December will enable SPF to make the deposit before the end of the year.

To facilitate the proper credit of RMD checks to SPF we recommend that members have their financial institution issue the check(s) in the name of AAUW CA SPF, but have them sent to the member for forwarding to SPF.  The AAUW member should then enclose a note designating the project to which the monies are to be credited.  If you are designating the monies to Tech Trek, it is also imperative that you indicate the camp and branch to be credited for the donation.

Need additional information?  Email:  “Treasurer/Finance” Using the Menu item “Contact the Board.”