SPF Instructions for Gifts and Donations

For additional instructions, please refer to the SPF Instructions for Gifts and Donations located in the Forms section of this website.

When requesting matching gifts, donor designated gifts and/or grants that will be received by the AAUW CA Special Fund it is MANDATORY that the following be used when completing ALL FORMS for the entity you are requesting these donations/gifts from:

Organization Name:
AAUW CA Special Projects Fund

Organization Address:
PO Box 160067
Sacramento, CA 95816-0067

Under no circumstances should an applicant making a request for funds for a project using SPF as its fiduciary agent use their personal, AAUW California, or local AAUW Branch information. This triggers incorrect updates to databases that then require a lengthy procedure by AAUW CA SPF to correct. This also generates incorrect information to future donors while corrections are being requested and made by agencies.

AAUW CA SPF must also have a Donor Designation Notification Form on file from the project that will be receiving the funds. This form is available in the Forms section of the AAUW CA SPF website.

It is imperative that the form be completed and returned as instructed in order for AAUW CA SPF to correctly credit the monies when received. Some information on this form is also needed by us in order to verify the donation with the issuing entity before the check can be sent. Do not delay, once you are aware of a grant, matching gift, or donor designated gift coming to SPF for your project – please complete this form and get it to us immediately.

Please clearly communicate this information to all your donors.

TAX ID: #68-0463071
TRUST ID: CT-127807
PO BOX 160067
SACRAMENTO, CA 95816-0067
Questions: spf-ca.president@aauw.net