The AAUW CA Special Projects Fund (SPF) Strategic Plan
August 2018


The California Special Projects Fund is the 501(c)3 fiduciary agent for approved state and branch projects and scholarships that further equity for women and girls.


The Special Projects Fund exercises its fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all funds from projects and scholarships are deposited and managed responsibly to ensure their success.


Working Efficiently

  • Active Committees
  • Investment Strategy
    • Utilize investment policies in place
    • Review and revision of our policies and procedures, and create financial policies and procedures that reflect what we are already doing informally
  • Breakdown treasurer’s job to be manageable
  • Administrative areas (Board terms)


  • AAUW CA Perspective
  • AAUW website
  • Board to Board
  • Proactive at branch level
  • Guidelines packet for grants/donors


The board intends to continue to seek out and adapt best practices for a nonprofit board. This will be achieved through strategic planning, a review of policies and procedures and bylaws, the recruitment of highly qualified board members and the creation and implementation of succession and sustainability plans.